Karnataka is an enchanting land abounding in scenic beauty, rich is flora and fauna. It has pomp and pageantry of glorious traditions and marvels of modern engineering. Young Island Resorts is very close to some of the most famous places in India.

Sriranganatha Temple

This is one of the largest temples in the State & is of great local importance. Its God has given the town His name. It consists of a Mahadwara with a huge tower & a pillared hall built in three or four different stages, Sukanasi & Garbhagriha. There are many other shrines inside the enclosure. Inside the Garbhagriha (Cell) is a colossal image of Vishnu reclining on the huge coils of the great snake Ananta.

Daria Daulat Bagh

Tipu Sultan's Summer palace built in 1784 was his favorite retreat. Made of teak, this Indo - Saracenic structure has ornate and beautiful frescoes. It is now a museum and tells eloquent stories of Tipu's valor and his loosing battle with the British.

The Gumbaz

Here lie the bodies of Hyder, his wife & Tippu. It is an imposing structure in the midst of the lovely Lal-bagh garden, with a high rise platform & having a verandah of polished black basalt pillars all round. The other things of importance are the other dungeons, gates of the fort & flag-staff cavalier, Tippu's racket court etc...


Situated to the East of the Delhi Gate at a distance of 150 yards. The Dungeons are hidden by the view of the passers by, with a large oblong bastion in the fort wall.

Place of Tippu's Death

It is at a distance of about ¼ km to the north-east of the Ranganatha Temple.

Jumma Masjid

Situated close to the Bangalore Gate.


Just 18 Kms from Mysore. Rangathittu is a bird sanctuary that houses exotic birds. Birds from as far away as Siberia and even North America make their home here. Crocodiles basking in the sun is also a familiar sight. The best season to visit is between January and March.

Chamundeswari Temple

Over 1,000 steps lead to the entrance of the temple, which sits atop the historic Chamundi Hills. The 40-m high gopuram stretching to seven storeys is the focal point of the temple. The temple deity — also the family deity of the royal family of Mysore — is an incarnation of Durga, who as Chamundi slayed the evil Mahisasura, after whom the city is named. It is a steep climb to the top but well worth it as you have an unparalleled view of the city. About halfway up the hill is the famous 5-m high Nandi monolith (Shiva's bull) carved out of a single boulder in 17th century.

Jaganmohan Palace & Art Gallery

A storehouse of state and personal memorabilia of the Wodeyars. The gallery has a good collection of art works by Raja Ravi Varma and a collection of rare musical instruments. The palace was built in 1861 and was used as an auditorium by the royal family.

Mysore Zoo

Spread over 200 acres amidst slightly dry but well maintained gardens, the zoo is one of the oldest in India. The spacious enclosures house tigers (both white and the Royal Bengal), primates, elephants, bears, rhinos and a variety of birds.

Folklore Museum

Is situated on the Mysore University Campus, northeast of the city centre. Contains exquisite exhibits from rural areas. Interesting items are typical wooden houses, masks, leather puppets, ceremonial dresses and more. The museum, though compact, gives the visitor a comprehensive idea about villages of Karnataka.

Mysore Palace

Built in Indo-Saracenic style with domes turrets, arches and colonnades, the palace is a treasure house of carvings and works of art from all over the world. The tastefully decorated and intricately carved doors open into luxuriously decorated rooms. The palace has now been converted into a museum, which houses souvenirs, paintings, jewellery, royal costumes and other possessions of the Wodeyars dynasty. The Durbar Hall has an ornate ceiling and many carved pillars, which are said to have been brushed with gold. The walls of the palace have been painted with pictures of the Dussera processions. The perspective of these paintings gives you the impression of the procession coming towards you wherever you might be standing.

Brindavan Gardens

The world famous Brindavan Gardens are located 19-km northwest of Mysore city, on the terrace of the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam. It is one of the first dams built in the country. Just below the dam the beautiful gardens are laid on either side of big artificial lakes named the South-North yards. The musical fountain is of special interest; it presents a spectacular harmony of water, colours and music. There are varieties of fountains illuminated at night by colourful lights. Every evening the gardens come alive in a burst of colours. The illuminated twirling and dancing fountains lend an atmosphere of enchantment to this fairyland.

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